November 28, 2008

All done!!

Yay, I now have a completed and fun animated blog badge/button thingy (very technical of me I know).
Only a few posts ago I asked for your assistance to decide on the wording for it - Thank you to all who gave suggestions, it made the process allot easier and I went with 'handmade fun fabric banners'... I figured that with the pictures as well I can't confuse to many people, right?

Giggleberry Creations Button

So what do you think? Once again Amanda of Henryrabbit has done great work - Thank You Amanda!!

It proudly sits on top of my blog sidebar now and will take anyone who clicks it straight to Giggleberry Creations the shop - how fun!!
If you would like to add my shiny, new, fun, fabulous and fancy button to your blog thank you and feel free - here is the html code you'll need -
Giggleberry Creations Button

If you do add it let me know by leaving a comment on this post and Thank You!!

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