November 26, 2008

Giveaways, giveaways, giveaways....

With Christmas in just one month today do you have all your shopping done??? I'm pretty close now I think. But what about when your 2nd cousin shows up on Christmas day with a 'friend' and you have a gift for everyone else in the house except him or her?? well I say enter a bunch of giveaways and fingers crossed you'll win the perfect item to have stashed away in the cupboard for this very situation... and if no random guests show up then Merry Christmas to you!!!

Head over to Momma Findings Blog who is hosting a whole collection of giveaways in her Christmas

Like A Blog Makeover from Goodness Sake Blog Designs - just head to her site HERE and pick your favorite blog design pack then return to the original post HERE and leave a comment about your pick - Easy!

Or from Retro Rugrats a Crayon Roll that will be personalized with what ever name you choose!! Just make a comment at the bottom of the post HERE.

Next is from Whimsical Creations... TWO GIVEAWAYS!!! either one of her gorgeous snowflake ornaments or her fun and cute cupcake ornaments. Pop into Whimsical Creations Shop HERE pick your favorite item and then go back to the original post HERE and comment about it to be in the draw!!!

Then what about this great one from Green Toys, a complete Green Toys Tea Set!! again it's easy to enter just go to Green Toys shop HERE pick what fun toy set you would like the most and return to Momma Findings and comment all about it.

That's just 4 of the many giveaways at Momma Findings and they are all ending soon so hurry over there and take a look and be sure to enter away!!!

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