October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Our house is all decorated - bats, a flying witch, a HUGE spider, spiders web, my DIY wreath, a carved pumpkin we named Jacqueline and of course some Halloween Giggleberry bunting all have their spot - What do you think?

And over the weekend Milla and I put together our lollie packs for any Trick or Treaters that knock on our door tomorrow night. With THESE super cool printables from Happy Bug Digital, some bags from Pack It In and a bulk order of green jelly beans we have a selection of 'Witch Warts', 'Sinister Sweets', 'Poison Pills' & 'Creepy Candy' to hand out! Yay!

Happy Halloween xx


Ebony said...

How awesome! this looks fab love the spider :)

Marti said...

Super cute!