October 19, 2011

Halloween Window Silhouette DIY

Bit by bit I have been adding spooky Halloween decorations to our house. Since hanging the wreath I made HERE on our front door on Oct 1st I have added a huge fairy lit spiders web, covered our front door in fake spiders web, created a HUGE plastic spider that sits on our front lawn and of course hung some Giggleberry bunting in Halloween colours in one of our front windows too... but I can't show you it all because I'm not finished yet. So I thought I'd just show you a sneak peek and how I did it.
Window silhouettes! I love the idea of these - they are super cheap and easy to make yourself but when seen at night with interior lights on behind them they look rather spooky and effective.

What You'll Need:
Black contact (I found some at my local newsagent for $3 a roll)
Template of what silhouette you want to make (I went with bats and found templates galore with a quick search on Google Images)
Heavy object like a large book - I used these to keep the roll of contact flat while drawing my bats on it so it didn't roll up.

Grab your template - I just searched 'bat silhouette' in Google Images then choose 3 I liked, blew them up the size I wanted then cut them out. Then place your roll of black contact, unrolled on a table right side facing down, holding the corners down with your heavy objects. Go crazy tracing around your template/s - I just kept tracing my 3 different bat silhouettes until I ran out of space. Next grab your scissors and cut, cut, cut out your silhouette/s.
Now you're ready to stick! Give your window a quick clean before you start to be sure the silhouettes stick well. Then go nuts - stick away until you have the desired look... I tried to have no real pattern to my bats so they looked like they were really flying then hung the one sleeping one from part of the window frame - cool hey?

Told you they were easy to make and don't just stick with bats you can do whatever you like.... a black cat, pumpkins, snakes, rats, broom sticks or how about this one I found on Pinterest A witch stirring her poison in her cauldron!


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masterymistery said...

Your work is great -- very impressive, but please forgive me I have to make a negative comment, about halloween.

It's not part of the Australian cultural scene, and I think there are many aspects of Australian culture that would absolutely lend themselves to your skills and talents, more so than a "yankee import" (sorry Kristina Kenneally)

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