October 2, 2011

It's My Birthday chair cover!

Next weekend my step daughter, Felicity, is celebrating her 11th birthday. Mix that with today being a quiet rainy day so kiddies are snoozing away and I had the perfect mix of excuses to finally get around to THIS tutorial I found on Nanny Goat blog aaaaaages ago for a 'My Special Day Chair Cover'

It was really simple with the instructions and photos to follow and I had mine whipped up in 20ish minutes!

Using fabric, ribbon and ric rac and velcro I had in my stash I just changed the words on mine to 'It's My Birthday' and it's all ready for the dining chair of whomever in the family has a birthday to make their day a little more fabulous and fun!

I have to wait until April next year before I get a turn of it!! LOL


JoAnna said...

I like that! Mine is coming soon. Can you ship it my way????

Cathlin said...

Thanks for sharing! I saw these on Pinterest but loved your design the most! My mom just helped me make some for my classroom! Check out how they came out!