October 20, 2011

Butterfly Party - Invitation: Part 1!

Now before we go too much further into party plans for Milla's 4th Butterfly Birthday we need to think about invitations of course.

I wanted something fun & simple but something that passes on the butterfly feel to guests and most importantly an invitation that Milla can help me create - thinking caps were on!! Then I saw a THIS via Pinterest (seriously, I LOVE Pinterest) and just knew we would be able to do our version of the fun photo then turn it into an invitation somehow.

So with 2 packs of sidewalk chalk (the thick stuff not the regular thin chalk that breaks every time you try to use it) and a patch of concrete, Milla and I got to drawing HUGE butterfly wings together. We didn't worry too much about making them perfect we just had fun and made them a good size so once Milla was lying down between them they looked in proportion.

Then with me standing on a chair so I could get all of the newly coloured wings and Milla in the photo I just snapped away while Milla had a giggle - so much fun!! These are just some of the pics I managed to get... And of course Harris wanted a turn too.

I think this is the one that we'll go with for the invitation... I'll show you it once it's all finished ;)


Danielle said...

Looks so cute!

Kate Sparkles said...

Such a cute idea!

emma @ frog, goose and bear said...

That is such a brilliant idea - I LOVE it! I have been taking photos for birthday invites too!