October 7, 2011

Gluten Free version of the KitKat & Smartie Cake

Felicity, my step daughter is turning 11 this Sunday (goodness where did those 11 years go?) so to celebrate we had a little get together with family for a BBQ dinner last night. Nothing fancy, just a good excuse to blow up some balloons, make some paper chains (a great way to use up the growing pile of kids artworks) and of course eat cake!

Felicity is on a strict gluten free diet so when choosing her birthday cake each year it's tricky to find something yummy, fun and diet friendly. When I spotted the KitKat and Smartie cake that is doing the rounds at the moment HERE I LOVED it and had a little think about how I could do a gluten free version. Drum roll please....
Ta Dah!!

With a yummy (tried and tested) moist gluten free chocolate cake mix from Coles, some gluten free choc wafers and 2 bags of The Natural Confectionary Co. jelly beans it was looking rather swish, if I do say so myself.

Then add the gorgeous and fun paper Happy Birthday cake bunting I scored on Raspberry Lime Paperie's facebook sale recently and the masterpiece was complete!

And what a gorgeous excuse to use my pink hobnail cake stand from RubyJu for the first time!

Needless to say it was enjoyed by all!


Bex said...

Looks wonderful! I have a GF boy, he will love this!

Kate Sparkles said...

Looks amazing.. I've just been put on a GF diet as well and am looking for ideas.. though I'm also lactose intolerant so this choc-filled option wouldn't work for me, it is nice to see there are still some yummy ways to modify a normal recipe into something that can work..

Anonymous said...

Looks fantastic I have been searching for ideas to substitute this great cake idea that has been going around as well to ensure it is GF. Can I suggest trying peanut butter m&ms on top as they are gluten free as well :)