August 25, 2010

The Decal Tree

Hooray! We are in our new house, unpacked and LOVING it!!! It was a action packed weekend moving but with babysitting help from my wonderful mother in law we had it all done much faster than we thought.
It might seem a little crazy but as we were childless for the night and we hadn't yet put together the kids beds etc (and with a bit of general 'new house' excitement) I decided, at about 7pm on the day we moved in, I would 'play' with the huge tree decal I had bought for Milla's room.

Before: Blank wall in Milla's room


This was such a fun project, a BIG project but a fun one!

The decal (from this etsy shop) came in about 57,000 pieces... alright maybe not that many but there were allot! The trunk was in two sections, each branch was one piece, then there was the smaller branches, each animal was separate, each acorn, and every individual leaf - I didn't mind though because that gave me a bit of 'creative license' to make it however I wanted.

The process:

The tree trunk and beginning to place the branches

branches all done

All the birdies, nest, squirrel and acorns in place - at this point it was about 10pm and the day of moving house had hit me so I packed up for the night and went to bed.

Up bright and early the next day (after a lovely breakfast out with my gorgeous hubby) I started placing the leaves on the tree - Biggest one's first.

about 2hrs later all leaves were in place and the tree was complete! Yay! I then quickly set up Milla's bed and toys ready for her to come home at lunch time to her new bedroom.... she LOVES it and says goodnight to all the decal animals at night!


ittybittyandpretty said...

it really is must be so thrilled!! unfortunately our house came with bedroom walls that have been painted with some sort of paint that feels like sand paper so decals do not stick, i have them in other parts of the house tho and i think they make a world of dfference to the rooms.
your daughter is so lucky to have such a creative mummy!!
xxxhave fun

Tamara | One Craftee Mumma said...

Oh my goodness!! This looks amazing!

Red Letter Studio said...

its beautiful!!! hope you guys are all settling in well!! I am in the process of giving you a reward on my blog for being such a great blogger yourself! xx

Jen said...

I saw this on your twitter - FAB-U-LUSSSSSS!!!! I bet Milla loves it!

Julie-Ann said...

Absolutely stunning Amy. I can't believe you did it the first night you moved in lol.

Nattie said...

awww... what a gorgeous tree! Totally a good idea using wall decal to spruce up any room! Looks awesome!