July 9, 2010

Home From Hospital

Thanks to everyone who sent get better vibes and well wishes to my little girl and to my wonderful customer who kindly understood that I was unable to finish orders or reply to emails as soon as I may have liked to.
Milla developed a bit of a cough and a temperature early in the week so we went off for a casual visit to the Doctor on Tuesday... the Dr took one listen to Milla's chest and had us headed straight to the Children's Hospital emergency!!

After 2 nights in hospital with what was finally diagnosed as a nasty virus it's good to be home in our own beds again!!

Our little girl was very brave and a A grade patient even though she really didn't like the 'Man poking her arm' for blood tests... but she worked out pretty fast that she had ice cream, jelly and ice blocks on demand from the nurses!

Milla is doing very well today just very tired and a bit of a cough left - but no temp since Wednesday night - YAY!

She has decided that being the owner of a stethoscope and after 2 nights in hospital she has the knowledge and practice to be Doctor Milla to all her dolls and teddies!

We have a very slow paced recovery weekend ahead planned so I plan to get back on top of all my orders and emails ASAP.


emma @ frog, goose and bear said...

That sounds a little scary. Those teddies look they are in good hands with Doctor Milla - how cute. Hope your weekend is a little more uneventful.

Cat said...

So glad your little Milla is better Amy. We had a stop in at the hospital this week too as Sebastian (aka Bebito) stopped walking on Monday. Still no idea what the reason was but he seemed well on his way to recovery before this afternoon when his temp went sky high. Not particularly fun stuff having sick little people. I love the pic of your little one "doctor-ing" her teddy. xo

Jen said...

Oooh Bless her little heart. She looks so vulnerable on that hospital bed with the finger thing on.... So glad she is out of hospital, and I am sure getting lots of hugs and kisses from mum and dad!! Take care of yourself and your family this weekend Amy, everything else can wait a few days... customers understand. I have been with Angel most of the week at the hospital so as you are the only one waiting for your order I have been feeling terribly guilty, I will have them done by the end of the weekend and off to you on Monday. Hope that is okay.
Big hugs for a lovely healthy weekend!
Jen xo

Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...

Glad she is doing better!



Oh Amy.....She is so sweet - and it must have been so scary for you !! Bless her and hope all is ok now x Kate