July 23, 2010

Thanks for the (delicious) well wishes

You may have read HERE that a few weeks ago my little girl spent 2 nights in the Children's Hospital due to a nasty virus. Milla is 100% back to her normal self and full of smiles once again.

So many of you wonderful people sent your well wishes and get well soon vibes - Thank you all.

One of these I just had to share was from Niki at Candy Soirees.
Milla loves to check the letter box every day but it is always more fun when there is a parcel or letter addressed to her and I'm sure you can imagine her sheer delight when we opened her parcel to find this:

A personalised 'Get Well Soon Milla' Chocolate bar!!

Candy Soirees are known & loved for their gorgeous custom chocolate bars and I can see why! These would be so cute as a take home favor after any party or even a great customer appreciation gift - and of course I am biased but I just LOVE the bunting design (and the uber delicious Lindt chocolate inside)

Thanks Niki.... you made Milla's week to send this to her xxx



Cat said...

that's so pretty! I bet she loved it.

Jen said...

oh how nice! ...pretty and yummy!, and I am so glad Milla is better!