July 14, 2010

Custom Ordered bunting for..... Me!

Giggleberry will be jumping in and having our very first market stall later this year (more on that when it gets closer) so I am slowly but surely getting my stall 'set-up' under control. There are so many tips and suggestions out there in blog land to help stall holders and I am trying to get my head around the best ideas for my products. I really like the tips and pictures in this great blog post I found on market stall set HERE from Dance In My Garden.

Of course a Giggleberry market stall would not be complete without some fun and eye catching bunting so after a hunt for polka dot & striped fabrics in pinks, purples and greens to match my logo I have been busily sewing, sewing sewing!

I am having two very cute aprons made to be worn on market day that will have my logo embroidered on them - (a BIG HUGE thanks to Jenny from Deekie Belle Designs for helping me with these). After we tested the logo embroidery, Jenny sent me the swatch of fabric to be sure I was happy with it so I turned it into one oversized flag that I then sewed into a row of bunting that will hang proudly at the front of my market stall!

What do you think? Very Giggleberry aren't they!?!


Abbey @ Quirk 'n' Bramble said...

I love it! They look great and I'm sure your stand will as well. =)

Debbie said...

Your bunting and your embroidered logo look fantastic! I love attending both big shows and small fairs to see and be inspired by awesome stall (booth) displays. I'm so excited for you and can't wait to find out more about your upcoming show!

Luisa said...

Amy, these banners look great!
Thanks also for the link.

Jen said...

hehehe, just stole some photos off you :o)!! Hope you don't mind darlin!