June 30, 2010

Media: Soap World Magazine

Be sure to grab a copy of Soap World Magazine that goes on sale today (June 30) and flick to pages 58-59. There you will find a double page feature of MWWAH (Mums Who Work At Home) with Giggleberry Creations being one of them! Yay!

Yep - that's our logo and photo taken by the awesome Tea & Jam Photography you can see on the bottom of page 59 - how cool is that!?!
I haven't seen it in real life yet (thanks to Bec from Pretty Things Distract Me for the photo) but I have sent hubby to the newsagent on his lunch break to grab a copy... or 3!


Jen said...

CONGRATULATIONS AMY!!!!!!!! What a treat this must have been for you! And so deserved!!!
(... hmmm Would love to get my Jingle Sox in an issue hehe!!)

Apron panels are done hon, hopefully I will have the aprons done by Friday (taking day off today as it is our 26th wedding anniversary ;)!)
Will send some photos through to show you as soon as they are done!
Big hugs and congratulations again, will definately be buying this issue!!

Kim @ The Celebration Shoppe said...


Genevieve Richer said...

SO freakin cool!!!! Congrats to you!!!