July 29, 2010

4 years of Bliss!

Today is 4 years since hubby and I said "I Do" (well he said 'I do', I said 'Absolutely'. hehehe). I adore my man and think I am one VERY, VERY lucky girl to have snapped him up! He even flew all the way to NYC to ask me to marry him... awwwwww!

We have cut a deal that we will celebrate our anniversary once we are in our new house as hubby wants to make me a special dinner (did I mention how lucky I am) but at the moment with stuff half packed etc it's a bit too hard to manage the fanciness of the dinner he has planned.... sounds promising :)

We don't usually do gifts for anniversary but this year we have made an exception... our current bed is one very old bed and is seriously on it's last legs so it's not coming to the new house with us (Yay) we are buying ourselves and brand new bed (double Yay!!). So of course my mind starts racing for ideas and inspiration of what our new room could look like.

One little project I just had to do and one that will go somewhere in our new look room was to frame this photo booth pic of my us that we had snapped at a friends wedding we went to just a few months ago.

I LOVE these shots. They are so 'us' and knew I wanted to do something with them so after a little google searching I found my inspiration... this image from A Recent History - perfect!

Just a little bit of measuring and a custom wide edged matte and a simple black frame were ordered - too easy! I'm thrilled with the result (sorry about the bad photo.. I took it on my iPhone a few days after I finished it then have packed it in a box ready for the move before I could take a better shot - you get the idea.)

Happy Anniversary baby! I LOVE you more and more!!
Check out the post HERE for shots from our wedding day I shared on last years anniversary.


Kelly said...

Happy Anniversary! Gorgeous pictures by the way :)

Jen said...

Happy Anniversary to you both Amy!! I love the pics, those new party photo booths are great aren't they!
Big hugs!

Unknown said...

Aww. What sweet pictures. Congratulations Amy. From Bali With Love,