July 26, 2010

How Monday the hobby horse got her name....

With only 4 weeks until we move house we have decided to do little bits and pieces here and there in preparation so we don't have such a massive job at the last minute.
So over the weekend we filled box after box with anything we won't need to use before the move, we did a bit of cleaning, had some items we sold on ebay picked up and even attacked our garden!
Our furniture is all over the place, boxes are starting to fill our garage and the house is generally just not set up like 'normal'.
This morning Milla was playing in our room while hubby was dressing for work and I was in the shower when she discovered a Hobby Horse I had purchased from Calamity Bolt a few months ago....

This gorgeous handmade horse was (until yesterday) hidden away ready for Christmas but with all the activity of the weekend we forgot to 're-hide' it last night - whoops!
After hubby and I got over the giggles from our hiding fail we named the horse Monday as she was discovered on a Monday morning.

Milla LOVES it and has been galloping around the house all day... I guess sometimes being organised with early Christmas shopping doesn't work! LOL!


Tiges and Weince said...

Thanks for sharing I have just marked it as a favourite. Charlotte is having one of those for for sure when the time comes, maybe for Christmas...Probably more appropriate for when she is walking...but what the heck!!

Kelly said...

that hobby horse is so cool, I will have to checkout calamity bolt now. My children have found their christmas presents early before too.

emma @ frog, goose and bear said...

oops!! i love hobby horses! All the best with the packing up. In the middle of my own moves, I have found it so interesting how little we can actually live with!