July 5, 2009

I'm Impressed, Mathilda!!

Wow! That is the best way to describe my experience at Mathilda's Market today. Held at the stunning St Ignatius' College, Riverview. Inside the main hall I was impressed form the minute I spotted the kiddie petting farm and jumping castle out the front.

I have been meaning to visit a Mathilda's Market for a while now and since there are only three held a year I decided it was time to get off my but and check it out so I took my two little ones and was blown away at the gorgeous and quality kids items for sale and the HUGE amount of shoppers.
From clothing to toys, party ideas to art works and even yummy gourmet cupcakes there was bound to be something for absolutely every child, parent or grandparents taste.
I walked away with a few finds. A funky nappy cover from Barefoot Babies for Harrison made from a trucks and cars fabric that has been put away for a Christmas gift and will be perfect in summer when it's too hot to wear anything but a nappy. Even better, it was in their 'bargain bin' so I saved a few $$$. The find of the day though was my new fabulous 'b.box'. Such a great idea - I LOVE it!!

I could have gone bananas shopping but controlled myself (Hubby is grateful, lol) but I did a few more laps of the hall for a bit of 'research' and have now applied to have a stall at the next Mathilda's Market in Sydney, which is in November. Fingers crossed Giggleberry Creations is lucky enough to be picked as one of the stalls.... I'll let you know.

For those of you not in Sydney there are Mathilda's Markets in Brisbane, Perth, Canberra and Melbourne too.



BonTons said...

Ohh I like those "b box" what a great find!

Tiges and Weince said...

I have done Mathilda's in Melbourne twice now & have had the same impressions as you, hence why I keep applying. My markets have also been worth while. No doubt Amy you will have a successful day In Nov if you get in. MMMM pre christmas!!