July 21, 2011

Giggleberry Head Quarters!

I realised the other day I have never shown you any pics of my sewing room also known as Giggleberry Head Quarters, GB HQ and to my hubby 'Mummy's Cave'.
Remember I told you way back HERE that we had bought our family home and I was the lucky duck to score the home office/study/half of the double garage turned room as my sewing room? This was how the the room looked when we inspected the house before buying:

This is the now (well a week ago when I had just tidied it):

So what is where you ask? (hope you can read the little print, sorry)

As this is the through way from the garage to the house this room also has our 'family launch pad' where all our shoes, bags, umbrellas, jackets etc live (believe me it makes it so much easier to get the kids out the door to have it all in one spot) and in sewing room dreamland of course I would love all new matching furniture (not the left over stuff we didn't need after moving) and a fabulous and plush chair for sitting in while creating and a floor that magically vacuumed itself every day but for now this little room is just perfect for Giggleberry.



MooBeeTees said...

Way to tidy Amy! I'm insanely jealous :0)

nugie48 said...

wow, where did you get the fantastic cotton reel storer from? just love it.

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