July 4, 2011

Our new pets... all 2000 of them!

Last week we officially became worm farmers!! Yay!!

We picked up our 2000 new pets, named 'The Wriggles', and their new home last Thursday from Nikki of Worm Farms In Style. After a quick read of the instruction manual the farm was built and put next to our growing veggie garden and we were ready to let The Wriggles move in.

These guys are going to do a fabulous job of eating up most of our kitchen scraps like vegetable scraps, tea bags, coffee grounds, cardboard, egg shells as well as vacuum cleaner contents and hair from a hairbrush (ewwww) but they are not fans of pineapple, saucy food, citrus or onions!

If we treat them well and keep them happy we'll have the perfect compost and 'worm tea' to help our garden & veggie patch grow for years and years!!
This is such a great way to reduce waste, help your garden and teach some valuable lessons to the kids. If you are keen to be a worm farmer & live in Australia I highly recommend Worm Farms In Style products Nikki had all the goodies we needed and was so helpful with it all. She'll even make sure your worms are express posted to your door (imagine what the postman thinks about that!!)

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Tiges and Weince said...

I am glad to hear you decided on a collective name, thinking of 2000 of them would have been challenging.