July 9, 2011

Ice Cream Sundae Kit Gift - DIY

Need a cute hostess gift? How about a gift for a teenager (seriously how tricky can those ones be!) or maybe a house warming present or even a 'just because' gift?
This idea has all of those covered - An Ice Cream Sundae Kit!!

I saw THIS one from Family Bites on Pinterest and knew I would be using it!

With a selection of sprinkles, some chocolate sauce (homemade or store bought), cones, tissue paper, small glass jar, ribbon and a gift box you're ready to put you kit together... these are just the items I choose to put in the box but you could include any sundae toppings you wish!

I re-packaged the sprinkles into resealable cello bags and the chocolate sauce into the glass jar then added a scrap of fabric and a ribbon to the lid of the jar. To make these extra cute you can make up some labels for everything (my printer is not playing at the moment so I went without labels).

Then all you have to do is arrange your selection of goodies into a tissue paper lined gift box.

This box of goodies is for a couple so I added a set of 'My Ice Cream, Your Ice Cream' spoons I bought from Beach House Living to the box and was ready to pop the lid on then tie a final ribbon around the whole thing.

Include a little card to let the recipient know they just need to add their favourite ice cream and you've got yourself one truly cute little gift that I know I would love to receive!!



emma @ frog, goose and bear said...

I LOVE this idea - brilliant! I think I might just be giving this a go also - thanks!

Jane said...

You are so clever. My pre-schoolers have sooo been into 'making' ice-creams lately, so maybe I could think of some creative arty and natural play materials to look like sprinkles and chocolate and present them in a box like this. Jane:)

Unknown said...

This is perfect, I love it! I will be making one of these for a gift sometime soon. Thanks for the cute idea!

Christine said...

Love this gift idea!! Also love making home made gifts like this so you can put your own individual spin on it :) Thanks for the post :)