November 24, 2010

Rainbow of Ribbons party this weekend

Finally the Rainbow of Ribbons party is this weekend!! So far so good for the weather predictions and looks like I'm still under control with my To Do List (even with Giggleberry Christmas orders, Mathilda's Market stock sewing and planning & my families Christmas get together at our place the following weekend - eep!)

I had one last minute thought to find some rainbow themed songs we can play while playing pass the parcel... and general party music... I came up with these two...
Climbing Up A Rainbow - Justine Clarke
Rainbow of Colours - Wiggles

Some time in the last fortnight my kiddies and I were watching good old Sesame Street and this clip came on... perfect for the Ribbon theme

In all my searching I also found THIS SONG. It's my new fav, such a lovely re-do of a classic!

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emma @ frog, goose and bear said...

Sarah McLachlan did a lovely version of the Rainbow Connection that good old Kermit used to sing. Justine Clarke also has another song about rainbows on her I Like to Sing album. There's another one that I have heard on playschool a number of times as well. Very much looking forward to seeing pics of the party - all the best!