June 20, 2010

Envelope is on the way...

How can you say no to joining in this fun little project? The Envelope Project - I couldn't!!

the envelope project

My decorated envelope (I actually got out the kids good old Crayola crayons for this one) is all sealed up with some little goodies inside and stamped ready to go in the post and head to Pip.

Have no idea what I am on about?? Check out the blog post with all the in's and out's HERE but the basic idea is... A bunch of people are sending a decorated envelope to Meet Me At Mike's in Victoria with some small trinkets inside... Pip will then collect up all the goodies from inside the envelopes and hang all the envelopes in the Meet Me At Mike's shop window... after the six weeks One VERY lucky envelope will be chosen from the bunch and that person will receive ALL the fabulous little things that were sent to Pip - Yay!

Just check out the things you could possibly receive if your envelope is the chosen one

Too fun!!

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brusselsprouts said...

That is seriously cool! I am off to send an envelope :)