June 8, 2010

Little Clowns

A close friend of mine & mum of 3 gorgeous girls celebrated her middle daughter's 5th birthday on the weekend with a clown party! The invite was a bright and fun postcard style card with this photo of the birthday girl on the front that you couldn't help but smile at!

The invite gave all the usual details, where, when etc etc but it also asked the kids to "dress like a clown". After a quick dig through the kids dress up box I found a curly clown wig - it was a great start but I needed more bits and pieces and I was after something that my 2.5yo & 15mnth old would still be able to play in without getting in a tangle. So with a 'help me' Tweet sent out into Twitter land I had a few suggestions and ideas come back to me to play with.
I came up with this:

Not bad hey? with a multi coloured ball of wool I made three small pom poms (pom poms are so easy to make and a great craft for kids! check out the video tutorial I found HERE for the how to) I sewed the pom poms onto one of Harrison's old jumpers and he wore it with a pair of yellow and blue pants that had stars all over them (I couldn't believe my luck when I found in the 'hand me down' bag from his big cousins) For Milla's clown outfit I made an oversized bow tie from some red & white polka dot fabric I had and with a couple of stitches I attached it to a plain white shirt. With a denim skirt, the rainbow braces ($4 from ebay) & her red shoes the outfit was complete!

The party was a hit - and the rain that had been falling non stop for the 48hrs before hand even stopped for the kids to be able to play outside! A professional clown surprised the birthday girl and her guests with face painting, games, balloon bending and singing. And of course there were some Giggleberry bunting, in the birthday girls favorite colours, hanging around the party too!


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emma @ frog, goose and bear said...

well done on the clown outfits - i would be quite proud also if i came up with those!