July 11, 2012

Inspired by Milla's TV Cabinet turned Play Kitchen...

In November 2009 my little girl was surprised (as was I) with a birthday gift hand made by my clever parents... THIS Play Kitchen made from a $30 old TV Cabinet. I t was LOVE at first site and is still adored to this day almost 3 years on.
I, of course, blogged all about it way back then (see post HERE) and that post has been the most popular post on this blog ever since!
You have all told me how much you adore Milla's kitchen and how creative and clever my parents are for putting it together (I couldn't agree more) but the best thing is seeing all the Play Kitchen that ours has inspired.
I have had a handful of emails over the years telling me about creations that are in the making, asking tips and ideas for getting a particular kitchen 'feature' right and I have also been lucky enough to see the finished product of some of these.... It finally dawned on me last night that I should share these with everyone!!!
So I have. Check out THIS album on my Facebook page. Each kitchen started as a TV cabinet of some sort and each kitchen has turned out fabulous with subtle differences from Milla's that make them unique - LOVE that!!
PLEASE feel free to share your pics with me if you too have been inspired by Milla's kitchen and I will gladly add them to the album to show off your handiwork! Email away - giggleberrycreations@gmail.com

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