July 16, 2012

Chalk Drawing Photos

I am always taking photos. Seriously, I have my camera or iPhone at the ready almost all the time ready to snap a fun or silly or lovely or precious or pointless moment. 9 times out of 10 the subject matter is my children. What can I say - I think my kids are rather fabulous (biased much?) and I adore having snaps of time caught that I can share with grandparents, family and friends.
So when I saw the idea of using simple chalk to create a fun backdrop or prop for a unique photo opportunity I knew I had to have a go.
This is a GREAT activity to do with your little ones. My kids love drawing and colouring in the 'picture' before they jump right in for me to snap away. Milla, who is 4 and a bit of a Disney fan, tells me "it's just like Mary Poppins when she jumps into the picture"... awwwwww
The above pic is one we created to use for Milla's butterfly party invites and below are some other we set up while I was babysitting my niece and nephew a few weeks ago
I was then convinced by my niece that it was my turn to be in a photo rather than take them all so we came up with this bunting inspired one... LOL
The limit to these super fun pics is only your imagination... Have a play with some chalk and your kiddies and be sure to share what your come up with!
Whale Spout Pic SOURCE, Swimming In The Ocean Pic SOURCE, Umbrella Rain & Rainbow Pic SOURCE, Surfing Girl Pic SOURCE, the other pics I found on Pinterest but they had broken links - please let me know if they are your images and I will credit you :)


emma @ frog, goose and bear said...

I love these!! Looks like you are all having so much fun!! Unfortunately we only have pavers instead of concrete and it is much harder to draw on, but the kids still like to to draw with chalk on them so we must give this a try!! Yours look fantastic!

The Sticky Wrapper said...

What fun pictures! A great idea for sure!

The Sticky Wrapper said...

What fun pictures! A great idea!

Anonymous said...

LOVE these! Posting a link to my website - in Hebrew! Will post the link later....

Anonymous said...