July 10, 2012

So I guess I'm a runner...

Who would have thought I would actually call myself a runner? I would have laughed at the idea a few years ago!
If you told me that one day I would be waking up to my alarm clock at 4:30am on a winters morning, rolling out of bed, putting on tights, running jacket, gloves, headband, strapping my feet into 'racing' shoes then sliding my iPhone armstrap on with my Nike+ running app ready to count the KMS as I head out into the morning dark, I would have said something along the lines of "sorry, you must have the wrong girl".

But what do you know, this morning that is exactly what I did! Just like many, many, many mornings in the past few months as I train for my first half marathon in September to raise money for Running The Marathon Of Autism.... and I'm LOVING it!
This morning I ran the furthest I have ever done in one hit - 20.95kms!!! & felt great. It wasn't easy at all but with a bit if Bon Jovi blaring in my earphones I got through it and walked back in my front door with a HUGE smile on my face... bring on race day!!!

Now don't go telling anyone buuuuut I might just be toying with the idea that maybe, possibly, one day I could actually aim for a full marathon.... eeep!



lakshmi said...

of course, you'll do a marathon someday :)
Its hard, definitely hard..and all Im aiming for is a 9k in september :)
Nice work, Amy !

emma @ frog, goose and bear said...

Well done Amy - a wonderful achievement and a wonderful cause! Of course you'll do the full marathon. Always good to have an incentive I think.

Dream House Trish said...

WOW, thats impressive. Ive just started the "Couch to 5k" running program & cant imagine being able to do 20k.
Good Luck for your fundraiser, a very worthy cause!