May 6, 2010

Watcha Been Buyin' Wednesday

A little late this week but here we are... Watcha Been Buyin' Wednesday/Thursday :)

Supplies, supplies. supplies!
I needed to restock my ribbon draw this week so popped into Ribbons Galore and went a little crazy. I LOVE when the ribbons arrive at my door - it's like a rainbow in a box!

I also had a few custom orders placed which I needed to grab some particular fabrics for including these gorgeous Heather Ross fabrics - I love fabric shopping!!

with all the gorgeous fabrics I use for Giggleberry bunting I have so many off cuts that I just can't bring myself to throw away. I am always on the look out for sewing ideas to use up these 'scraps'. This week I found a great idea... for the bargain price of US$4 I bought a pattern PDF from Sweet Shop to make a Tiered Patchwork Twirler Dress.

I have never made an item of clothing before so fingers crossed it works out. I have the individual layers and bodice sewn now I just have to put it all together - wish me luck!

So... Watcha Been Buying?


Anastasia said...

supplies to play with!! love it!!

Chic Mother and Baby said...

Um this is what I bought this week (I aside from clothes bought eco candles from dusk, more party goodies for the cowboy party and of course bday present for the toddler). No its not an editorial it was my shopping bag...