May 7, 2010

Giggleberry has been 'approved' by Handmade Living!

What a great way to start the weekend! I have just received an email from Tania, one of the three clever women behind Handmade Market's first ever publication... handmade living.

"handmade living. is a beautiful new creation that combines the inspiration and talents of handmade designers living in Canberra and also interstate.
Its pages will be lush with stunning creations to share and inspire. A hardcover, beautifully photographed and illustrated tome (thanks to the talents of Tina Snerling), we will be working hard over the coming months to put together a book you will be proud of - and a book that will showcase your talents as a designer.
Providing how-tos, information and breathtaking inspiration, we know handmade living. will become a staple Australian publication for lovers of style, beauty and stunning creations, handmade with care."

How amazing does this book sound!?! When I read that "handmade living. will be a book that is different to anything else on the market. It will be a little bit Martha, a little bit Donna and a whole dose of unique style: not seen anywhere else in Australia" I wanted a copy right away so I thought I'd jump in and apply to be a part of the book....
Awesome news - Giggleberry was APPROVED! Yippee!

Now I need to get some product photos ready and sent off then sit back and wait as Tania, Julie & Tina work their little butts off putting the book together as it is expected to be released by early December this year!

You still have a chance to apply to be a part of this great book but only until Monday night (10th of May) so be quick! Check out all the FAQ's and info HERE


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