May 8, 2010

Mother's Day Treat

I'm very lucky to have a wonderful hubby who enjoys to cook. He loves to hunt through a recipe book and plan a meal from entree to dessert... it seems this talent hasn't gone un-noticed by family and friends who take the opportunity of birthday and Christmas gift giving to stock our shelves with recipe books. One of the books we have received is Donna Hay's No Time To Cook.
A great book full of simple and fast recipes, one of which has become *the* spoil mum recipe!
On my birthday, our wedding anniversary and Mother's day every year hubby (& the kids) make me Berry French Toast - it's soooo yummy and such a treat! (to have it too many more time than the 3 times I do every year would be a bit indulgent)
So with mother's day this weekend hubby stocked the fridge and cupboards with all the ingredients he needed.

I'd LOVE to share the how to and ingredients with you all but the copyright on the recipe book won't allow it so you'll just have imagine the yummy goodness that is made when cream cheese, castor sugar & lime is mixed together then spread of thick white bread, topped with raspberries and then toasted in a fry pan! So good!

In the spirit of Mother's day I thought I'd share a great mum blog with you all - Sunny Mummy!

Most mummies these days know about the 'Yummy Mummy' status.
Forget about trying to keep up with this external illusion, being a 'Sunny Mummy' is such a warmer place to be...
Enjoy a dose of sunshine no matter what the weather when you visit Sunny Mummy, a bright place full of support and sunshine for your journey through motherhood. Together we will share our lives as Sunny Mummies, be lifted up when you’re feeling down, be encouraged to SHINE and motivated to remember it’s YOUR life, so LIVE it!
If you haven’t already done so, put becoming a Sunny Mummy on your ‘to do’ list and watch yourself SHINE no matter what the weather!

I'm loving this blog and, I too, choose to be a 'Sunny Mummy' - check out all things Sunny Mummy HERE and start to shine!

Happy Mothers Day to all mummy's out there - YOU ARE AMAZING!

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emma @ frog, goose and bear said...

I think I need a copy of that book - french toast is my favorite breakfast treat also and that one looks amazing! I also have no time to cook, so it would be a win-win!