May 9, 2010

Rainbow Dress - made by me!

Check it out - the dress worked!
Remember HERE I told you I had bought a pdf pattern for a Tiered Patchwork Twirler Dress from Sweet Shop? I had started the dress earlier this week and with a quiet house last night and no bunting to be sewn I decided to finished it off.
I am so excited that it all came together as I have never made an item of clothing before - I was surprised at just how simple it was and very grateful for the wonderful tips in the pattern. I'm thinking my 5 little nieces just might be getting one of these dresses each for Christmas!

As soon as Milla woke up she spotted the dress on my sewing table and said "What that??" before I knew it she had it on (with a long sleeved shirt underneath as it's rather cold here these days) and she was twirling around the backyard in no time at all!

With my current obsession with the Hipstamatic iPhone application this fun dress creates some pretty amazing photo opportunities too

I have to be honest and tell you I'm rather inspired after finishing this dress to buy some more patterns and make other styles - Look out!!


jodesmac said...

I love it Amy,
i'm getting the pattern and getting my mum to sew it. She's neater than i am . it looks gorgeous!!

belinda.moonmum said...

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!

Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...

Oh Amy! That is just darling!! You did a beautiful job!

Red Letter Studio said...

Amy its so great!! how cool, wonder how long it would take to make an adult size one?! x

Jen said...

gorgeous job Amy!! I was just wondering if the won I made for you is any good - I haven't heard but if there are any problems with it please let me know! I noticed that your daughter didn't wear it in the family photos...

Lucia Inerelli said...

Olá Amy,

moro em Niterói Brasil e gostaria muito de fazer este lindo vestido para minha filha Sofia de 4 anos, você poderia me mandar o tutorial?