April 7, 2009

Open for business!!

What do you do when you've just had a bub and free time to your self is a precious thing??? Why you open a brand new shop of course!! LOL

That's right - as of today I now have two shops on Etsy. The one you all already now (and love) Giggleberry Creations and now..... introducing.......... Tagged by Giggleberry!!

The mountain of fabric 'off cuts' from the Giggleberry bunting sets just seemed to be growing bigger and bigger and with so many gorgeous designs, colours and patterns I just couldn't bring myself to throw them away and due to their tiny size I couldn't think of anything to do with them..... until now!
At Tagged by Giggleberry you will find our Unique fabric backed gift tags!

Gift Tags, Price Tags, Thank you Tags, Note Tags, Greeting Tags, Label Tags, Swing Tags, ID Tags........ You can decide after being 'Tagged by Giggleberry'!!

Come past a say hi today!!



Tiges and Weince said...

You are amazing Amy. You have 3 kids, I have 1 & boy do I struggle to get time to do things. You products looks FAB & I suspect you will do very well.
Happy sales!!

SoBella Creations said...

I love them! What a fantastic idea.

They could also be used for bookmarkers.

Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...

Those are fabulous!!

Lesley said...

you are so amazingly creative...I would never have come up with something like that...I'm sure it will be a huge hit...

BonTons said...

Fabulous Tags, you had a great first day! Amazing to find time with the new bub