April 6, 2009

Weekly Featured Artist - Erenia of Crimson Sea Dragon & Lippy Lop Shop

This week we are featuring Erenia who has two shops with etsy, Crimson Sea Dragon and The Lippy Lop Shop where she sells all kinds of fabulous things like jewelry, decor, paintings, toys, purses and so much more!!

Sales from selected items from The Lippy Lop Shop will be donated to a charity to benefit Autism.

Tell us all about yourself and your art/craft?
I craft on all levels. Ideas just burst from my mind and shoot out through my hands. I make clothing,jewelry, toys, accessories, and mixed media art sculptures. Pretty much I am a complete weirdo (as my sister Ruby would say). I love family time, road trips, good music, trying foods from around the world, and extreme sports.

How long have you been creating your art/craft?
I believe I was born creating. I would play in the yard all by myself. I would pick plants and flowers and make things with the natural elements around me. Sometimes I would make these multi-layered mud pies and decorate them with flowers, twigs, and leaves. That pretty much fueled my mind to create many other things. I was bout 3 when I did the mud pies.

What is one of the biggest lesson you have learned about your art/craft & selling it?
People will compliment your creations but won't take you serious if you are under priced. So value your work and watch how people flock to your shop!

Which of your items did you have the most fun creating & why?
I made this art piece called Tree of Self. It has a tree made of wire and little findings that represent pieces of me dangling from the branches. It's in a wooden box with two Plexiglas sides to see the tree. The outside is painted green to show that I have achieved balance in my life, and some I painted Mehendi tattoos all over the box because the are of Henna tattoos is beautiful and shows a side of me that others can't see with their eyes.

Do you have any training in your craft?
Well, I come from a very crafty family. My gramps is 107 years old and he just recently gave up his craft cause he is too tired, but I learned from him and many others, so yes I have had training.

Is there a basic ‘household’ item you use when creating that seems to work just as good if not better than the actual ‘tool’?
Ok here is my confession. I usually don't use tools when I am crafting. I just grab whatever I can find and use it. Sometimes a butter knife works better than a scraper. Sometimes I don't even know what some tools are called cause I rarely use them, whatever works!

What is your favorite candy bar & why?
Caramelo, it has the gooiest caramel inside, of course!

If money, responsibilities, and time were no issues where in the great wide world would you go & why?
Back to Europe. I lived in Italy for 3 years and didn't get to travel to the near surrounding countries. I miss it soooooooo much!

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