April 22, 2009

Wishlist Wednesday - Cubby Houses!

I love the wide world of 'Blog Land' - you never know where you'll end up and what you'll be reading next. Two blogs I follow have inspired me to write this post, Carley of Vanilla Pixie started a few weeks back Wishlist Wednesday on her blog. Carley states "There will be no hard & fast rules about what makes my list. Maybe the items will be divine, odd, personal, who knows..." so I figured I'd join in which is when I popped into another blog I follow, Chunky Chooky. Where Cath has just posted about cubby houses.... I adore cubby houses, tree houses, forts, caves etc etc and can't agree with Cath more when she says "I think children need there own little space to play"
I just can't wait until my little family and I buy a house some time this year and we can get serious about the perfect cubby! I'd love to find an original Gypsy Wagon to park in a special corner of our backyard, I can see hours of imagination games happening already.... until then I can dream... and share my finds with my first Wishist Wednesday.

Little Red Card Table Playhouse - what a great way to have a cubby house inside your house... all you need is a card table!

Children's Tepee / Wigwam / Tipee

Cottage bunkbed doll house and playhouse

For playing with inside the cubby house... The Breakfast Special



Carley said...

Dollhouse, playhouse & bunk all in one?? I'll take 2 please!!

Unknown said...

That breakfast special set is amazing!

Leah said...

I love blog land too, That little girls bedroom is just too cute!

planettreasures said...

the card table one is wonderful - wait, they are all wonderful!

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

...the possibilities are endless!

Anastasia said...

so much fun!!! they are so darling and great for little ones role play and imaginations!