November 2, 2017

Halloween Hair...... Boo!

Halloween fell on a working week day for me this year so the morning was a busy one getting school lunches and uniforms sorted as well as myself looking half human for a day of work. Then Little Miss Giggleberry asked me, “what Halloween hairstyle are we going to do this year?” - eeeek! I hadn’t even thought about it to be honest!
A quick think and dig through my sewing room and I came up with a ghost idea...... (similar to a Christmas tree hairstyle we did a few years ago for the festive season).
A half up half down pony tail then two braids down the sides of Little Miss Giggleberry’s hair to start. Then I thread some white silky ribbon between and through the braids to make a triangle type shape on the back of her head. I just used a Bobbie pin at the beginning and end of the ribbon to tuck them out of sight. Then I used a little dab of hot glue to attach two large googled eyes to the ribbon and finished it off with a orange Halloween bow that we have had for a few years! Done!!


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