November 26, 2017

Floral Festivities

Little Miss Giggleberry is turning 10 this year! Double Digits!! A decade of life - done! That deserves a special celebration for sure.
About 18months ago I spotted, via a friends social media, a party idea I knew my girl would love. Something a little more unique than all the other parties going around, something creative, colourful and fun - my girl all over.
We used some stunning custom handmade paper flowers made by Sand Paper Designs as invites by adding a cardboard leaf with party details on it. Lots of fun to hand out to friends and a special something each guest can keep for a long time to come.

Yesterday was party day and Floral Expressions in the Hills District of Sydney made it a day to remember! I had it all booked via a phone call a few weeks back with ease and from the minute we pulled up in the carpark yesterday to a 'Happy Birthday Milla' sign and balloons on the front door the afternoon was FAB!

When I booked the party I was asked what Milla's favourite colour was - Yellow - and that set the colour scheme for the party. Floral Expressions had yellow helium balloons, chair wraps with yellow flowers attached, yellow centre pieces on the activity table and other yellow decorations around the gorgeous florist shop. I was able to take along some goodies, treats and cake to finish off the party set up.

Once all the guests arrived the creating began. The girls were seated around a table in the middle of the shop and handed a plate of yellow and white flowers and a headband each. One of the gorgeous staff then gave the girls a quick tutorial on how to make a flower headband/crown before the girls got making. So much fun and the girls all did a great job creating a unique crown each with extra help for those who were struggling a bit. Each girl was rather proud of their creation and wore them proudly as soon as they were complete.

The girls had a little break after they had made their crowns and had snacks. A game of pass the parcel, that was all organised and supplied by Floral Expressions, as well as a couple of games of Simon Says and Musical Bop (basically Musical Statues) to get the wriggles out.
The girls were then sat back down at the table and had a quick few moments of being taught some floral facts... Did you know the worlds largest flower wouldn't even fit in the doorway of Floral Expressions? and it smells terrible apparently. See, even I learnt something new!
Next up was time to make a flower arrangement each. The girls were given a fresh plate of yellow and white flowers each and a little box with florist foam in it. Again the lovely staff gave quick instructions on how to start their arrangements then they were given free reign to create a masterpiece each but the staff were there to help if needed. Its so lovely to watch the girls concentrate on their creation and each one was completely different.

Before we knew it the 2hrs were up and it was time to sing happy birthday, cut the cake and take a few group shots of the girls and their creations. Such a fun afternoon!!

We handed out a small favour bag to each guest - nothing huge as they already had a flower crown and posy to take home. Each girl got a small bag (I added the yellow paper flowers to tie it back to the theme) with a pack of Sunflower seeds, a little cactus eraser, some mint leaf lollies, a yellow lollipop and a yellow hairbow handmade by the birthday girl (LMG Bows) herself.

THANK YOU Floral Expressions for a wonderful, unique and fun party for my girl and her friends. I will be recommending you guys to anyone and everyone!

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Floral Expressions said...

Wow, thank you for such wonderful blog. You should be so very proud of your gorgeous Little Miss Giggleberry and how wonderfully creative she is. It was a great pleasure to host such a well behaved, artistic and fun group. Yellow Rocks!