March 17, 2012

Surprise Girlie Weekend!

In 4 short weeks my sister, Erin, is getting married - Yay! She lives and will be tying the knot in Brisbane so we have a little drive coming up to join in the fun as we celebrate with her and my new brother in law (and I get to be bridesmaid!). Anyway, The other bridesmaids and I (my other sister & sister in law) all being Sydney siders and Mum being only 3 hrs drive away we thought it would be fun to surprise Erin with a flight to Sydney for the weekend to hang out with us as a bit of a girlie-kitchen-tea-hens-weekend.
So a few weeks ago, with the help of her Groom-to-be, we managed to get Erin the day off from work this coming Friday and book her some flights without her knowing.... Then just yesterday a little parcel arrived on Erin's doorstep looking like this

Inside it was this letter:

it says:

Pack your bags and don’t miss your flight
Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride
Not long now and you’ll be preparing to land
in Old Sydney town with family by your side.

So what’s going to happen? I hear you ask
This Friday, Saturday & Sunday too
Your bridesmaids and Mum have fun & grand plans
By the end of the 3 days you’ll be saying ‘WooHoo’!!

Surprises are fun so ask no questions
Just take it as it comes and enjoy your life
Laughter, smiles and giggles are guaranteed
As we celebrate you becoming a wife!

Then there are just a few instructions for Erin to follow once she lands in Sydney to help us pick her up and start the weekend - Yay!
I will have to wait until after next weekend to tell and show you more just in case a certain bride to be happens to read this blog in the next few days :D

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