March 2, 2012

Firefighter Party Pics!

What a fun night! I'll write that up as a win - a relaxed, smile filled night with one very happy little 3 year old fire fighter!!

We had to bring the party indoors due to all the rain but it still went off without a hitch... just a little bit of last minute furniture rearranging :)

The drink bottles were a hit along with the snack of popcorn, pineapple, red frogs, lolly bananas & marshmallows. That's the healthy diet of all firefighters right?

A HUGE thanks to Harris uncle for lending us all his firefighter gear. I think it adds a real authentic element! The house was wrapped in caution tape and the kids could all try on and play with real firefighter uniform and gear.

I was pretty pleased with the cake in the end - not perfect but it got the tick of approval from the birthday boy and that's all that matters.

Happy birthday little man - we love you to the moon and back!

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JustForDaisy said...

The whole thing looks amazing! What a fabulous party idea! :)