February 17, 2012

Skiing themed 40th birthday party - Favours!

After a weekend of skiing and with a trip home from the slopes it's always handy to have a cup of coffee to turn to... with this in mind I decided on the party favours that will be handed out at the end of hubby's 40th birthday party tomorrow night.
I bought some disposable coffee cups and lids from ebay then asked Samone from Cake Ink. (man, she puts up with allot from me) if she could design a 'cup sleeve' to put around the cups....
Ta Dah!! How cool are these?!?

To Officeworks I went and printed them off then with some scissors and glue our favours look fabulous!

In the cups are Ferrero Raffaellos (snow balls), Swiss chocolate bar, some chocolate snowmen and a handful of snowflake party sprinkles too. A yummy treat to be enjoyed on the way home from Matthew's Mountain Lodge :)

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Unknown said...

Don't worry your not the only one Samone has to put up with:)