February 22, 2012

Firefighter Party - Favours!

I like the idea of including a little favour for the party guests into the party set up or game. For example I used soccer jersey bottle cozies HERE and butterfly nets HERE that were part of the event but then one each went home with the kids. So my thinking cap went on and I did a google search to look for something I could use for Harris' Firefighter party that is coming up. I had spotted THESE very cool and unique fire hydrant drink bottles used in a few parties in the US and was struggling to find them n Australia until one random search hit the jackpot! I quickly put in my order from Shoalhaven Kids Parties and had them just a few days later - perfect!

With the addition of a name tag on each of them they will look fabulous on the table but then will be a great take home gift for all the kids.
But wait, there's more! Remember I mentioned that Harris happens to have some real firefighters in the family? Of course I couldn't miss the opportunity to ask for some favour bag help. Now each child will also take home a balloon, tattoo and magnet all with the emergency 000 number on them. Plus a firefighter themed pencil and hose party blower all in a Fire Chief party bag.

I really like how the bag has a good amount of things in it and isn't stuffed full of sweets but I couldn't resist adding one lollie to the mix when I found THESE very cool fire extinguisher spray candies!

I think the kids will be pretty chuffed with their stash!

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