January 9, 2012

Skiing themed 40th birthday party - Invitations!

My gorgeous hubby, Matthew, is only weeks away from turning the 'big 4-0'! But a party has been in the works for much more than a few weeks - you know me with my party planning ;)
Matt picked the theme - SKIING. He has been a ski lover for as long as he can remember going skiing for the first time ever at 4 years old! Matt has traveled the world following the white powder he loves so much and can't wait for our kids to be a little bit older so he can take them down a mountain for the first time.... so the theme couldn't be more perfect!

After a few suggestions thrown around we decided on booking a few tables at a restaurant for the party would be best. So the Bavarian Bier Cafe is where we are booked for Feb 18th.

I can't help but go past this great restaurant (and personal favourite of hubby's) for the 'European Ski Lodge Feel' that the party is calling out for.

With date and place booked in let's talk invitations! Straight to Cake Ink. I went (again) and asked the ever talented and lovely Samone if she could create an invite to look a little like a ski pass and boy did she deliver!! We are calling the resuarant for the night 'Matthew's Mountain Lodge' and the invitation points out it was established in 1972 - hubby's birth year.

I found some bargain lanyards and plastic sleeves on eBay to complete the 'ski passes' and am thrilled with the result!!

The invites are personalised for each guest and states 'Ski Passes Must Be Worn On The Night To Be Valid' - I reckon this will get everyone into the mood and add some fun. I've also had the all clear from the restaurant to take along a few props and simple decorations on the night for the tables so Samone and I are having LOTS of fun creating some goodies that's I'll share with you soon enough.

On a side note - how seriously CUTE are the tiny blue skis in the background of these photos?? They are the first ever pair of skis hubby used at age 4!! My father in law found them only a few months ago after a big clean up and gave them to us - I LOVE them!!

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