January 24, 2012

Skiing themed 40th birthday party - decorations!

With hubby's Ski themed party (read THIS post) being at a restaurant we are limited in what we can do for decorations. Never fear though - there is always something we can come up with.
I scoured etsy and eBay for ski inspired things and have a small collection of things that we plan to scatter on the tables for the night.

A handful of these little skier figurines

A splash of some vintage ski cloth patches

A pair of hubby's old ski boots (which will also serve a duel purpose - more on that later)

and these little blue ski's that were hubby's first ever pair as a little boy

All mixed with some very cool bits and pieces designed by Cake Ink. to match the invites (Again, I'll show you those later) and the tables will be themed just right on the night!
Any other ideas you have?? Have you seen something that would be perfect??

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