September 28, 2009

Just Married!

There's nothing like a good wedding to get me all mushy and even teary eyed... I love the suspense of the brides entrance that can be seen on the grooms face, I love how all the guests seem to get a little cozier with their partners when the vows are being said, I love how the two love birds kiss and the party begins!!
Over the weekend a fellow DUST team member, Jess of Epheriell 'tied the knot' and has already posted some cute and very happy pic's on Flickr of her and her new husband's special day for all of us wedding lovers to see! Take a look HERE

My favorite photo would, of course, have to be this one of Jess and Nick under their very own Giggleberry banner!

Speaking of weddings... I have a very good friend who is getting married in April next year so is deep in the running around, organising venues, dress picking and fitting stages of her day and every time we catch up for a coffee and a chat she tells me how many sleeps there is to go! I have been trying to find some fun and unique gifts to give to her long the way to keep it fun and started with a cute little magnet from, the very clever Melanie, of Whimsical Creations

I have just had my latest purchase for her arrive in the mail and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I found it after doing some late night 'pouncing' on etsy.

Handmade by LilaFrances this personalised silver hanger is just so cute - and as the listing HERE states "Perfect for that wedding dress photo! (and the lingerie for later that night…)". I couldn't go past this and now can't wait to give it to Mrs Morosin to be... Yay!
Awwwww I love weddings!!

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Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...

What a beautiful wedding photo.

That hanger is awesome!!

Thanks for the shout out. =D