October 3, 2008

Theme Day - Fairy Doors

I thought I would start Giggleberry Creations 'theme days' off with an item at the very top of my wish list - a fairy door!
"Do you ever sit in the quiet of your home and hear little noises inside the walls? Perhaps it’s a mouse, but more likely a tiny fairy! Now you can invite them in with your own Fairy Door!"

I love everything about these doors. Cute, fun, unique and above all they provoke imagination!! I'm still deciding on my favorite one to place in the special spot of my home to welcome the fairies in.

I love the colour and frame of this one by myfairydoors

and the item description is just fabulous - "....The fairy door opens inward towards the wall. The fairies alone have the ability to open their door with their magical key. They may become frightened if they feel someone is trying to open the door so please be very gentle."

Or maybe I go for an outside fairy door like this one from fairytrade and place it in my garden?

I guess I always could have one of both and have one of the doors set up next to the humans front door like this one from chicbabyrose that way the fairies can choose where they want to stay or maybe it will invite even more of their friends into your home??

wouldn't you just love to see the neighbors and visitors faces when they popped over and saw the tiny door neatly placed next to the main entrance of your home??- priceless!

the options are endless and there are so many more to look at on etsy to find the perfect way to welcome the fairies into your home... and the 'installation' instructions couldn't be easier -
"Place one of these doors in a room and wait a few days. When the fairies feel the conditions are just right they will move in. They usually arrive on tricycles but they have been known to be pulled in wagons, ride scooters and even skate boards, whatever your imaginations desires.........."


Momma J said...

How cute! I love those little fairy doors!

New England Quilter said...

I had never heard of a fairy door before - very cute!