October 5, 2008

Drum Roll Please..........

Giggleberry MINIS
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A few days ago I posted a quick note letting you all know that Giggleberry Creations was releasing a brand new type of banner, well the wait is now over!
Introducing Giggleberry MINIS!!!!
I love these adorable miniature versions of the original Giggleberry banners that we know and love.
A fellow FAM team member asked if I made something like these for decorating a Christmas tree and that was all I needed to start the creating process and put the first set of MINIS together!
A great way to add the Christmas feel to so many spots of your home - think stair case banisters, window and door frames, bookcases, mantle shelves, the Christmas tree - anywhere!!!
And who said they are just for Christmas??? any fabric can be turned into these gorgeous new MINIS.

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