October 9, 2008

My growing family...

What a coincidence that today was the day my hubby, Matt and I went to the hospital meet our bubby through ultrasound - as we were leaving Matt realized that today 8 years ago he was at a different hospital meeting his first bubby in the flesh for the first time!!!

8 years old - wow, now that time has just disappeared!!!


I think Felicity will enjoy her day starting by waking up at her mum's house and then ending with a birthday dinner with Grandma at Dad's house.
All week the postman has been delivering cards and packages from great grandparents. So when Felicity gets to our place this afternoon she'll have a mountain of things to unwrap and show off!!
We had one of our monthly volunteer meetings booked in for this weekend to catch up on where we are at with felicity's program and progress, the last one before Matt and I head to the States for another training course in Felicity's Autism program, but we decided to change it to a volunteer birthday party - Yay. The good fun just keeps coming for Flissa!

Oh and just to fill everyone in - the ultra sound went perfect. It showed ten fingers and toes on two arm and legs and everything in the right spot internally - the doctor asked if we wanted to know what sex the baby is and when we said no told us to look away while he checked bubby's bladder and tail bone. I then asked if he now knows what we are having and he said (with a grin) he had a pretty good idea!!! Rude hahahaha. I added some pics - not great they are photos of photos but better than nothing.

Profile of bub:

Bub's face:


Momma J said...

Ahhhhh! Hope the birthday celebration is awesome!!!

Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...

Happy birthday!!!!

Your new one is beautiful!

=) melanie

Anonymous said...

Ah, and you make adorable kids...had to use the ol' imagination a little on the one that's still cookin' -- I FEEL like it's a boy - so, that means it's prob'ly a girl!

Allie said...

Happy birthday, Felicity!

And congratulations to your whole family on your new little one!

A beautiful family!

:), allie

New England Quilter said...

Awww ... little bub's face is so tiny! Thank you for sharing :)