February 18, 2013

Chocolate Bar Chocolate 'Cake'

Is special someone having a birthday? or has an achievement/milestone been reached? or were you thinking of making/buying someone something 'just because'?
Forget baking them a cake and forget buying them a boring box of chocolates. How about you give them the best of both worlds and make a Chocolate 'Cake'....

This beauty is so simple to make but so much fun to give!!
NOTE - this is for a two tiered cake. You can make it 1 teir or as many as you like you will just need to add/minus another tin and more chocolates.
2x biscuit or cake tins in two different sizes.
hot glue gun
double sided sticky tape
chocolates, chocolates and more chocolates (you just need to make sure they are at least the same height as your tins if not taller)
Cake board or piece of sturdy cardboard
Clear cellphone
Number candles if desired

1) Hot glue the largest biscuit tin upside down to the cake board.
2) Hot glue the smaller biscuit tin upside down to the first biscuit tin.
3) Using your double sided tape start to stick your selection of chocolates around the tins. (You can do this in a pattern for symmetry or use all red chocolate bars for example to match a theme etc)
4) Tie a length of ribbon around the entire circle of chocolates tight. This will secure them much stronger than just the double sided tape alone.
5) Place the candle numbers or centrepiece of your choice to the top using the glue gun.
6) Surround the numbers with more chocolates to cover the top of the tin. These can lye there loose or can be stuck with the double sided sticky tape.
7) Wrap the whole thing in clear cellophane and tie with a bow.
8) Give this bad boy to it's recipient and get ready for a huge hug and maaaaaybe they might even share ;)

I can see one of these being a great centre piece for a dessert table, or the perfect thing to take to a girls weekend away and even a wonderful teacher gift!
Enjoy xx

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