February 11, 2013

Burger Birthday Cake!

It's no secret around here that I like a good excuse to make a fun cake. So with hubby's birthday last wednesday I let the kids choose what type of cake he should have and was thrilled with their choice... a Cheeseburger Cake!!

This cake is rather simple to put together for such a funky finished product.
You will need:
1 round butter cake
1 brownie mixture made into one large round brownie (NOTE use the same round tin as you did for the butter cake)
1 packet of Jolly Rancher lollies (you need the red and green ones)
1 packet of Starburst Fruit Chews (you need the yellow ones)
Pine nuts
Butter icing coloured light brown (mix red and blue colouring until desired colour is achevied OR use a tiny amount of Wiltons brown gel colouring)
Slice the butter cake right through the middle with a serrated knife top create the burger buns. Place the bottom 'bun' on your cake plate with a tiny bit of icing between the cake and plate so it doesn't slip around. Place the large round brownie 'meat pattie' ontop of the bottom 'bun'. Then on goes the top of the butter cake as the top burger bun - you should now have one pretty basic looking 'burger'.
With your icing coat the top cake and try to smooth it as much as possible to look like a burger bun. Next up is the fun part - the tomato, lettuce and cheese! With the red and green Jolly Ranchers and the yellow Starburst chews you need to roll them flat with a rolling pin or squish them out with your fingers (warning this can become sticky!). Once they are rolled out flat-ish you will need to shape them a little. With the red ones make them a little round like a slice of tomato. The yellow ones can be cut into triangles to create slices of cheese and the green ones just need to be wrinkled up a bit to look like lettuce leaves. Now have fun just poking the little bits and pieces into the cake between the 'meat' and the top burger 'bun' like in my pictures.
Last, but not least, sprinkle a handful of the pine nuts ontop of the cake to create sesame seeds on your bun - simple!

Now pop it in the fridge and have a little giggle about the size of the 'Burger' next to the rest of your groceries!

This was lots of fun to make and Master Giggleberry loved helping me (and snacking on the left over Starburst chews). We poked a few sparklers in the top & sang happy birthday for hubby after dinner that night and couldn't help snapping a few fun pics after we had all had a slice.

Add this one to your cake 'To Do List' - you won't regret it... too much fun!


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