September 10, 2012

Giggleberry HQ Refresh!

Thanks to my parents current home improvements/renovations two lovely, solid and not very old wooden desks & matching filing cabinet were going begging so I snapped them up! Dad delivered them all on the weekend so I took the opportunity to give Giggleberry HQ or my 'Mummy Cave' as hubby calls it a little refresh.



Is it just me or with that huge black corner desk gone I am sure the room is MUCH brighter! It's soooo nice to have all our filing hidden away in the cabinet and I do think it's rather cute that it now all matches and I have even hung up some of hubby's skiing bits to make it a little more of a shared space rather than just a 'Mummy Cave' lol.

I can't promise it will be this tidy at all times but it definitely is lovely to sit and sew or work on the Mac in here now!

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