June 7, 2012

Handmade Family Portrait

My little girl, Milla, proudly presented me with a drawing she had created at pre-school when I picked her up one day a few weeks ago. The picture was a family portrait and one that took my breath away with how detailed she had been in each family member - she had obviously taken her time and really thought about what she was doing.

I immediately knew I wanted to keep the picture for as long as I could so I could adore it hanging in our home somewhere and also to show Milla is years to come what she so cleverly created (belly buttons and all) - but how? Laminate it? frame it? I decided to put it somewhere safe until I worked out what to do. As fate would have it, that night I spotted the perfect solution through Instgram. Cat from Wouldn't It Be Loverly takes pictures, just like Milla's, then hand stitches a copy of them onto fabric that can then be framed. I emailed Cat straight away and before I knew it Cat was sewing away!!!
Mr Postman arrived today with a parcel from Cat and once again I have had my breath taken away at such gorgeous work!! Cat has done an AMAZING job stitching Milla's drawing and the detail is honestly awesome (Cat you are one VERY clever lady).

I LOVE this sooooooo much and as soon as Milla wakes from her snooze I will be showing her and I can guarantee she will be one proud little girl. I will be keeping my eye on my little guys drawings once he starts pre-school next year because I would adore Cat to work her magic over one of his creations too!!!
Check out Cat's Facebook page HERE for her latest handmade pieces and updates.

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Cat said...

I'm so pleased you like it so much Amy and think Milla a very clever and talented little Miss indeed. xxx