June 20, 2012

Campfire Cones!!

I have been meaning to share these yummies with you since I posted about our family bonfire a few weeks ago... so I am finally taking the time while my kiddies are snoozing.
These Campfire Cones are a sweet, warm, delicious, indulgent, fun and tasty treat that the kids will LOVE to help you make - I promise!
Waffle cones (don't try the regular ice cream cones - they don't work. Trust me)
Mini marshmallows
Choice chips (milk, dark and white)
Chopped nuts of your choice (we had slithered almonds & walnuts)
You can add whatever you like really. I have seen chopped up banana or strawberries added which would be yummy too.

You'll also need:
Aluminium foil
Camp fire, (or BBQ, or open fire place)
Here is the fun part... grab your waffle cone and fill it to the absolute brim with your fillings of choice - be sure to mix them up so you have some chic chips next to marshmallows next to nuts, next to chic chips etc. Once the cone can't take anything else wrap the whole thing in aluminium foil making sure it's sealed up. now pop the whole thing onto the hot coals of your camp fire/bon fire/BBQ/fire place. After a few minutes remove the foiled cone (be careful because it will be HOT). Un wrap the cone little by little and enjoy the gooie, sticky, sweet, yummy warm 'mess'!!!!
I tried to take pics of ours as we made them but being in the dark and supervising little kids around the fire made that a little tricky so I have searched the web for other pics of these campfire cone treats to share with you.

How good do they look? will you give them a go? Be warned, you're kids will be begging you to make them every night - my little guy does!


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Paper Cuts n Bandaids said...

ok this just looks too yummy for words!!!! I will have to try this...I may build a campfire just to try it lol!!!