May 30, 2012

Busy Bee Me!

Goodness it's been a while since my last post! So much seems to be happening at once... There have been custom orders galore heading out the door, our Mac died after 6 years of faithful service (I'm writing this post from our brand new shiny iMac - it's VERY swish!), new OOAK buntings listed in the etsy shop HERE and I have been making a conscious choice every day to leave my iPhone and computer to the side as I spend quality time with my growing kids. Milla starts 'big school' next year so this time with her and her little brother, Harris, is precious and I don't want to miss one bit. So as you can see there is LOTS going on in life with our young family and Giggleberry Creations keeping me on my toes.... and speaking of toes I have officially started my 18 week training program to prepare for my first ever Half Marathon in September this year.
With snazzy new shoes (these babies glow in the dark!!) I have been running further and further and trying to pick up speed on most mornings of the week before the family have rolled out of bed. It's tough to get going in the cold morning (I am sooooo not a morning person) but once I get moving I feel fantastic and love that I get the 'me time' to start the day in such a way. The Half Marathon isn't until the 16th of September and it will be tough but I can't wait! I will be doing it for Running The Marathon of Autism to raise money along the way for my step daughter Felicity and her Son-Rise Program for her autism... would you like to know more? would you like to sponsor me? check out our website HERE for all the details on Felicity and her journey so far. On that note I will leave you once again - I will be sure to pop in to keep you up to date as things happen but until then I will be playing with my babies, running further and sewing up a storm. xx

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