April 26, 2012

It's my birthday

April 26th, 29 years ago I was born! So today I celebrate my birthday and have decided although we aren't really doing anything particularly special today I would make the day more fun by putting the word birthday infront of everything I do. I went for a birthday run this morning, came home and had birthday cereal and birthday tea for breakfast and have so far washed and hung out 3 loads of birthday washing. Milla is getting in on it all and asked if she could have a birthday wrap for lunch - absolutely! teehee. After this birthday blog post is done I plan to get some birthday sewing and birthday posting done and then make a big pot of birthday bolognese this afternoon before hubby gets home and we have birthday dinner, give the kids a birthday bath then have a birthday chill out on the birthday couch and lastly head to birthday bed - see, doesn't that all sound much more festive than a 'normal' day?!? We did do a bit of celebrating yesterday though, being a public holiday. We spent the day with family in the Autumn sunshine over a yummy lunch and a cake. After careful consideration my kiddies picked this cake out of one of our Women's Weekly Cake books - it was a close call between a sewing machine cake or this one... A veggie patch cake!
I'm kinda glad they chose this one in the end as I was the one who had to make it and it was very simple :) Now the planning REALLY begins. What to do to celebrate next years birthday... The Big 3-0!!


Dee said...

This is a birthday comment on your birthday post, wishing you a lovely birthday. Hope the birthday sun is shining and the birthday children treat you extra kindly today.

It is more fun !

Happy Birthday x

.....Elizabeth..... Polka Dot Skies said...

Birthday Laundry... I love it!
Happy Birthday, Amy!